Threshold II -Andrew Mcilvaine and Kevin Demery

Threshold II: Migration Patterns

 An Exhibition by Kevin Demery & Andrew Mcilvaine

Gallery Bogart is pleased to present Threshold II: Migration Patterns. This exhibition is the second iteration of an ongoing series dealing with the intersections of Black and Brown cultural identities within North America. It features the work of two artists based in Kansas City, Missouri, Andrew Mcilvaine (born 1993, San Antonio, TX) and Kevin Demery (born 1992, Modesto, CA). Threshold II is the result of many conversations between Mcilvaine and Demery about the convergence of their respective worlds and, with this presentation, specifically, the ways in which their two cultures have dealt with migration. Migration, forced or otherwise, is investigated in this exhibition through topography in metaphor and material. Place, space, and time are framing devices to reveal the geopolitical currents in their biographical narratives. Prominently featured are themes surrounding their Mexican-American and African-American heritages and how they diverge and intersect. Threshold II embraces the triangulation of history, personal narrative, and sociology. Demery and Mcilvaine hold the position of Assistant Professor at the Kansas City Art Institute in the Foundation Department. 

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Opening Reception 

Saturday, April 6th

4:00pm to 7:00pm

1400 Union Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64101